Government yet to deliver on migrants' relocation – PN

Opposition MP Jason Azzopardi says EU migration task force fails to address relocation issue, blames government.

Opposition MP Jason Azzopardi wants to see more migrants relocated to other EU countries.
Opposition MP Jason Azzopardi wants to see more migrants relocated to other EU countries.

Although the government welcomed the establishment of the Task Force Mediterranean, the measures announced yesterday fail to address Malta's most pressing need, the relocation of migrants to other countries, the Nationalist Party said. 

Yesterday, a task force of EU member states identified a slew of actions to address the flow of migration from Africa into Europe, which will include both repatriating failed asylum seekers as well as "outsourcing" the processing of their claims in transit countries.

However, Opposition MP Jason Azzopardi said that although the Labour Party has for years called for a European agreement on mandatory burden sharing, the 38 measures announced by European Commissioner Cecilia Malmström do not include relocation measures.

The opposition's statement which makes reference to both "irregular" and "illegal" migrants, added that the task force only offer a continuation to the policies embraced by the EU in the last few years.

Azzopardi pointed out that Prime Minister Joseph Muscat had vociferously called on Europe "to smell the coffee" and stamped his feet in order to introduce burden sharing.

He said that the opposition and the country expect the government to keep its word and deliver what it promised in terms of migration.

"The PN expects the government to deliver what it promised to the people and fulfil the expectations it built in the last few months over migration," Azzopardi said.

Just after seeing his attempt to push back migrants to Libya botched by the European Court of Human Rights, prime minister Joseph Muscat said that his actions were intended to attract attention and insisted that Malta "must get its numbers right on migration."

Muscat had also spoken about the "need to spread out the numbers throughout Europe."

 The establishment of the Task Force Mediterranean (TFM) was a proposal made at a meeting of European home affairs ministers in October, following the tragedies in the Mediterranean that saw hundreds of migrants and refugees drown at sea.

European Commissioner Cecilia Malmström announced the 38 measures, saying the TFM was instructed to issue a set of measures and priority actions, which should now be followed up by operational decisions during December.



Dear jason azzopardi if you wish to see more migrants being relocated to other countries than turn to your beloved leader and ashame him for not having actually worked to make burden sharing obligatory! You are negative just because something was actually obtained for this country from this government!
Aw JASON Mur naqra sal-bottegin li ftahtu fid-Dar Centrali u ordna ALKA SELTZER doppju! Kieku tqabbel li ghamel il-Gvern li kont tieghu Ministru f'ghoxrin sena, bli il-ghamel il-Partit Laburista fil-Gvern f'anqas minn sena BL-INTOPPI U BSATEN FIR ROTI li ghamel il-partit tieghek u xi 69 Avukati..... tithol go qoxortok u lanqaas tohrog ..... imam int ghad trid titghallem TISTHI!
Opposition MP Jason Azzopardi wants to see more migrants relocated to other EU countries. Jason Azzoppardi sometimes it is better to keep your mouth shut and look stupid than to open your mouth and prove it. When did the PN ever open their mouths and protested profusely to the EU about the illegal immigrants over crowding our island?? When the PN was in power you sat there and whined like a little girl. Lawrence Gonzi wanted to do what is politically correct and he would not dare upset the big honchos in Brussels. Why don't you concentrate your efforts and ask Mr Joe why he is trying to sell our Nationality and our Livelihood to any foreign hoodlum for thirty pieces of silver through the Passport for Sale Scheme? Ask Mr Joe, why he is replacing the CEO of Air Malta,with a Maltese CUC because he would not give in to the Pilots Union (Alpa). If the PN has any hope of being elected in the next general election they better concentrate on what they are going to do different than what they were doing before. Concentrate and think very hard about why the PN lost the election by so many votes in the first place.
L-aqwa hi li f'EU tal PN ifirmaw li dawn l'emigranti li jigi Malta ma jinatalhomx ic cans li jistu imorru jahdmu go xi pajjiz tal EU iehor. Iriddu jiqbu Malta. X'erf hux. Morru ja qatta qoqbra mbajda.
After years of Gonzi-Pn doing absolutely nothing but frejjeg here they come to preach to the doers..
Ara veru wicchom u xorta dawn in Nazzjonalisti. Mhux ahjar jghidulna xgabu huma fi zmienhom? Il Burden Sharing? Flok joqodu imaqdru ghax ma kienux spalla ma spalla mal Gvern meta kien qieghed jinnegozja ma EU. Ghaz ma jghidux li EU li dahhluna fihalanqas biss tikkalkula lil membri iz zghar. Ma kienetx tkun Franza jew il Germanja u jittrattawa hekk.