PN mayor to be charged with usury

Police garner enough evidence to start court proceedings against Għarb mayor David Apap Agius.

Gharb mayor, David Apap Agius.
Gharb mayor, David Apap Agius.

Sunday newspaper Illum today reveals that PN mayor in Gharb David Apap Agius, will be charged in court over usury charges. Court proceedings against him are expected to start in February.


In October 2012, ‘l-Orizzont’ had revealed that the Nationalist mayor and his brother were being investigated over usury charges.

Illum is now informed that the police have garnered enough evidence to start court proceedings against the accused.

The case started in 2006 and went on for three years. The sums of money involved allegedly amount to hundreds of thousands.

Sources told the newspaper that the usury victim had to change his place of residence in the past months, after he received several threats to drop the charges against Apap Agius.

It is not being excluded that the nationalist mayor faces other accusations, including alleged money-laundering.

Apap Agius has been serving as Għarb mayor for the past sixteen years. Questions sent to him on the case and whether his position as mayor was tenable remained unanswered.

Read more in today’s edition of Illum.

Priscilla Darmenia
It is OK if a PN candidate does something wrong. All is forgiven and forgotten, but HELL will let loose if a PL candidate is only suspected to have done something wrong.
How about impact assessments on the candidates PN offers to the electorate Simon ?
Corruption has always been the NPO hallmark.
Ajma hej !