PN lauds bipartisan approach on local councils

Opposition leader says his party is committed to further strengthen the local councils.

The Nationalist Party is satisfied at how Jose Herrera is leading his portfolio, saying that bipartisan consensus is the best way to do politics.

Meeting with Local Councils executive secretaries yesterday evening, Opposition leader Simon Busuttil said that his party is ready to strengthen their role as they are the legal guardians of the councils with huge responsibilities.

"Transparency and accountability are vital for the local councils, and we are aware that it's your duty to ensure this in your respective local council," Busuttil said.

In light of the councils' 20th anniversary, the PN leader said that nowadays local councils "are entrenched with all sorts of faults, but their function is still necessary, useful and desired within the communities."

Representatives of the executive secretaries welcomed the PN's invitation for dialogue, and remarked that it was this party who created the concept of local councils amongst a very sceptic environment 20 years ago. They agreed with the Nationalist leader on the need to lead this sector within a bipartisan approach.

MPs David Agius and Claudette Buttigieg were present for this meeting, which continued behind closed doors.