Opposition calls for ‘urgent’ meeting to discuss Farrugia Sacco's impeachment

Opposition whip David Agius has this morning called on the Speaker to hold urgent House Business Committee meeting to discuss judge's impeachment.

Judge Lino Farrugia Sacco
Judge Lino Farrugia Sacco

PN whip David Agius has asked the Speaker of the House Anglu Farrugia to convene an "urgent meeting" of the House Business Committee to discuss how Parliament should proceed with the impeachment motion against Judge Lino Farrugia Sacco.

Writing on his twitter account, Agius said that this morning he asked the Speaker to hold an urgent meeting.

Earlier this week, the Commission for the Administration of Justice wrote to the Speaker, saying that its decision in the impeachment motion filed back in December 2012 against judge Lino Farrugia Sacco, still applied to a new impeachment motion presented last week by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat.

The unexpected move has done away with the need to hold a new inquiry into the original impeachment request filed by the prime minister Lawrence Gonzi.

Parliamemtary secretary for justice Owen Bonnici has declared that the CAJ's letter will be forwarded to the House Business Committee so that MPs can decide on the way forward to debate the impeachment motion.

Farrugia Sacco was found to have misbehaved by the CAJ in January 2014 for retaining his post as Malta Olympic Committee president, in breach of the judges' code of ethics.

But the Speaker last week ruled that the 2012 motion was no longer valid since its proponent, Lawrence Gonzi, was no longer an MP.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat proceeded to file a new impeachment motion, a move which would involve a repeat of the whole process, but the Opposition protested that the investigation would not be finalised in time before the judge retires in August.

The Commission reconfirmed the findings of its original report - which found that although Farrugia Sacco was not involved in any irregularities in the sale of tickets for the Olympic Games, there was a prima facie case of misbehaviour for having stayed on in the post and attracting disrespect for the judiciary.

Farrugia Sacco was filmed by undercover reporters posing as ticket agents, discussing ways of reselling Sochi Winter Olympics tickets, prompting an investigation by the International Olympic Commission's ethics commission. The ethics commission found the MOC's secretary-general Joseph Cassar had "tarnished the Games", but found on wrongdoing on Farrugia Sacco's part.

The Nationalist Party said that it now expected the motion for Farrugia Sacco's impeachment to be discussed immediately.


Kemm qed jghagglu dwar l--Imhallef Farrugia Savco ! Ara biex jaraw ghaliex l-Enemalta kienet qed TNSTERAQ minn 10% tal-elettriku li tipproduci, ma tawx kaz.Kellun jkun ilministrun Konrad Mizzi li malajr kien waqqaf Control Room halli jivestigaw x'kienb qed jigri. B'hekk issa nqabdu l-imbruljuni !
When it comes to Judge Lino Farrugia Sacco they better impeach him fast before Mr Joe changes his mind and declares the Judge innocent and the case closed, like he did with a certain other politician. Are we a mickey mouse country or what?
Your constant calls to impeach the Judge because his son is a Labour candidate shows your hatred for anthing or anyone having to do anything with Labour or their relatives. What is wron with a Judge or Magistrate being a member of a Band Club committee, the Olymic committee and other organizations? How about holding meetings to debate the electricity meters tampering, the change in environment law and the change in emission levels to allow BWSC to tender for the power station and pay €4,000,000 COMMISSION, the Oil SCANDAL and so many more scandals under PN Governments which are surfacing every day. This reminds me of when your party officers conspired to get Ettore Bono known as Terinu to take a false Oath that he saw Sir Gerald Strickland wearing the Free Masons apron, or the conspiracy to get rid of Dr Gorg Borg Olivier, or when EFA LIED on Television and falsely accused Dr Alfred Sant of preventing EFA's son from attending University. That is what the PN is made of. Lies, deceit and conspiracies.
Ghadhom qieghdin jigru wara il pound of flesh. Dawn ma jahfrugha lil hadd. Illum jew ghada jsibik u ittektuwilek.
it si better call an orgent meeting on smart meters who make a lot of money from our pockets MR DAVID AGIUS for me this is secoundry about dr sacco
Urgent meeting by SimonPN after dilly dallying for 5 long years on the so called 'impeachment' of Farrugia Sacco? GonziSimonPN started the proceedings 2 days before the election campaign? Who are they trying to kid about 'urgency'?