Second film about Dom Mintoff within a few weeks

Mintoff 'biographer' says movie is waiting for confirmation from local cinemas.

Film production promises 'unseen footage' of Mintoff's life.
Film production promises 'unseen footage' of Mintoff's life.

A second movie about Dom Mintoff is likely to hit the local cinema screens within a few weeks.

Josef Grech, founder of the unofficial Għaqda Duminku Mintoff revealed his intentions to Sunday newspaper Illum for a new movie that will include unseen footage of the life and times of the former Labour Prime Minister.

It is still unclear where the movie will be shown, as discussions with cinema operators have not yet yielded a desired outcome.

“Discussions are still ongoing. It is now up to local cinemas to see the potential in the movie and open its doors to it,” Grech said.

The new movie has not garnered the approval of either the Labour Party or the Mintoff family.

But Grech is upbeat about the film and insisted that the movie does not need anyone's approval. “The movie recounts true facts not tales, and consequently, it does not need any approval from either body,” he insisted.

The two-hour movie will feature several interviews with people who were close to him and also some of his political adversaries, Grech explained.

The film would follow ‘Dear Dom’, a 2012 film that was met with particular controversy especially by Labourites, who said the movie portrayed a biased version of Mintoff’s contribution to local politics.

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This one is probably going to be a eulogy. 'Dear Dom; created discussion which was actually really welcome and a breath of fresh air in this divided country of ours. That is until the politicians got into the fray. I personally thought it was really objective and that the director went to great lengths to be fair, perhaps erring too much on the side of caution. Many Nats I know said that it didn't go far enough to depict the nasty side to Mintoff. I recall the Labour spin that it was biased started with a letter of Reno Calleja saying that it was all lies referring particularly to the National Bank story. Well we know what happened there now. The director of 'Dear Dom' was certainly vindicated by the court judgement which finally was given a few weeks ago.