St Julian's remains Malta's crime capital

According to criminologist Saviour Formosa, prostitution is on the decrease but violence against public officials increased by 30% in one year.

Crime statistics have revealed that once again, St Julian’s and neighbouring nightlife hub Paceville are officially Malta’s crime capital, Sunday newspaper Illum reports.

Crimes committed in this area was five times greater than the national average.

A report by criminologist Saviour Formosa says that during 2013, St Julian’s registered the highest number of criminal offences and attributed this to the recreational industry in Paceville.

Formosa’s study, which takes into consideration trends of all type of crimes, says that prostitution is on the decrease but violence against public officials increased by 30% in one year.

It says that households in St Julian’s, Swieqi, Pembroke and Msida had the highest risk of being targeted by robbers, while Mdina and other Gozo localities were the ‘safest’.

The main increase in crime rates revolved around those associated with damages, which increased by 80% between 2012 and 2013.

Read more in today’s edition of Illum.

"Violence against public officials increased by 30% in one year." And the reason in my opinion are the lenient courts and the incompetent judges and magistrates that rule the court. Everybody knows that you commit a crime in Malta, you get away with a slap on the wrist called "A SUSPENDED SENTENCE". As usually referred to, Paceville is known as the Sin City of Malta. All the garbage from all over congregate in this free for all drinking city where everybody is free to drink because there is no law to stop anybody regardless of their age. Also this is the place where most foreign students go for their recreation while "Learning English" here in Malta. The club owners have to bear some responsibility but they don't as long as they are making money. The other sad part is that when the police make an arrest like I mentioned before the judge and or magistrate slaps these people on the wrist and they are back at Paceville the next day, doing the same thing. That is not much encouragement for the police to make another arrest. As long as the club owners run the city of Paceville the crime at Paceville, St Julians, Swieqi and Pembroke, there will always be crime. Maybe that is the reason many travel to Gozo to do their thing. If this comment sounds blunt, it is because somebody has to tell it like it is. We need more foot police guarding the citizens and we also need the courts to back up our police that work these places mostly Paceville.
Not surprised at all. Look at the way the police station is managed and you will have the answer. minister Mallia should take the task and change 100% of all staff there. they became to familiar with bar owners.They are afraid to take action and they do not compile with the law. most of bars are kept open after 4 am. some order please Mr minister.