Muscat asks Labour voters to help him win European elections

prime Minister Joseph Muscat pleads with Labour voters to help him fulfill ambition to score historic victory in forthcoming European elections.

A few days short of the first anniversary of his election as prime minister, Joseph Muscat made an impassioned plea to Labour voters to vote in the European elections in May and help him fulfill his ambition to lead the party to an historic victory.

Noting that since joining the EU, no party in government has won the European election in Malta, Muscat told Labour supporters gathered in Gzira, "these are difficult elections, because no government has won the elections in Malta and very few parties in power win European elections across Europe."

On this week's visit to Rome, Muscat said that the election of Martin Schultz as the European Socialists' candidate to be the next President of the European Commission, is "good news for Malta."

Pointing out that Schultz, "understands Malta's realities," Muscat said that the German would guarantee that there would be no more backroom deals in the European Commission and he would stand up for Malta's needs.

"This is a golden opportunity to have a friend of ours in such an important position. It is a bigger incentive for everyone to fulfill our duty to go out and vote. Vote for all Labour candidates contesting the European elections," Muscat said.

In a direct appeal to Labour voters who might refrain from voting to send a message to his government, Muscat said "you can send a message in a different manner. If anything, PN leader Simon Busuttil would be the happiest man if you stay at home. Think about it. Approach us, tell me about your cases, I listen, we are not arrogant."

Explaining that his "ambition" is to see the Labour Party be the first party in government to win a majority of votes in a European election in Malta, Muscat said "I ask you to help me fulfill my ambition and see Martin Schultz elected as President of the European Commission."

On his government's first 12 months in office, Muscat said "We are delivering what we have promised but we have much more work to do."

Addressing Labour supporters in Gzira, the prime minister said "Over the last year we have showed what a hard working government we are, from the very first day, because of the sense of urgency to get things done," he said, adding that compared to the former administration his government has shown more determination, positivity and energy. 

The aim of making Malta the best in Europe, Muscat said, resulted in the positive economic forecast report published this week by the European Commission.

The report said that Malta is set to register the best employment growth within the EU and be among the top 10 performers in terms of economic growth, Muscat pointed out.

"The report also says that in 2014, the country's deficit will stand at 3% of GDP, however we might soon have a surprise for the Commission, " Muscat said, hinting that his government will drive down the deficit below the 3% mark.

Hitting out at the opposition's "negativity," Muscat said that prior to the 2013 general election, the PN leader Simon Busuttil had predicted that a Labour victory would see the country need a bail out by the EU.

However, the government's achievements over the last 12 months show a different picture, Muscat said. However, stressing that his government will not rest on its laurels, the Labour leader said that his administration must remain close to the people and create more jobs. 

This will be aided by a number of progressive initiatives such as the tapering of social benefits and the legal safeguards introduced in the government's struggle against precarious job conditions.

Turning to Enemalta and the energy theft scam, Muscat said, "Upon taking office, the first file on my desk was Enemalta's, which was €800 million in the red. When I asked what the solution was, I was told that the planned solution was another increase in energy tariffs."

Reminding the Labour faithful that as promised, the energy tariffs will be reduced later this month, Muscat said that the agreement signed with the Chinese government which will see a hefty cash injection at the state utility had changed the energy landscape in Malta for good.

Noting the "drastic change in direction" and the positive outlook on Enemalta by credit rating agencies, Muscat said "this is a victory for Malta."

Mocking the previous PN administration for its sluggishness in governing the country, Muscat said "they cannot accept the fact that in the space of one year, we have done what they would not even dream of. At most they would have completed a report in a year."

Noting the positive changes in the organization of carnival in Valletta, Muscat added that when informed that the PN was holding a carnival at its headquarters, his reaction was "what's the news?"

On the opposition's scaremongering on the new power plant in Delimara and the claimed health hazards, he said "The people did not believe them before the election and they are not believing them now."

On the energy theft scam, Muscat explained that it under the PN administration it had become habitual for Enemalta officials to "hide files."

In reference to Tonio Fenech's reaction to the news that a whistleblower spoke up on 665 files on energy theft had been put away in an abandoned room, Muscat said "he first said that he was unaware of the files, now he has changed tack and said that they were being investigated by Enemalta."

Explaining why government will not take any criminal action against consumers who admit to energy theft, Muscat insisted that his government was "observing the law."

He said that the Attorney General would only grant persons "immunity" if they pay their dues and provide information on how their smart metres were tampered.

"This is already yielding results with a wider web being uncovered in recent days. This shows that we are addressing corruption seriously," he said,   

On his meeting with the new Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi this week, Muscat said he was sure the two country's relationship would be strengthened further as both leaders share the same belief that "there's no security in Europe without security in the Mediterranean."

The Maltese have two options Option for the European fanatics of the Eddie-Gonzi-Simon tribe who will do anything against the Maltese, including European arse licking. Option B.....the future Europe that is going to be Socialist dominated where Malta stands tall with such European realists and real Maltese Leaders as Dr.Sant, and Dr. Joseph Muscat. They owe this to themselves and no one else
I don't agree with the European union ,but i will certainly vote for PL and their Maltese EU parliamentary con testers in the EU elections because they only have Malta at heart and have the guts to stand up for our rights in the Euro parliament and do their jobs right for us Maltese and Gozitan citizens .Well done PL for saving our Maltese and Gozitan livelihood from falling into more poverty from which the previous government destined our lives.
Lanqas tisthi minn Alla li halqek sur PM. Mur ghid lil tal-qalba li qdejt ghall-voti. In kellek il-hila tohloq ingustizzji mall-laburisti stess. Il-vot huwa tieghi u din id-darba impatilkom ta` kollox.Good ridence to you Sur PM.
Lanqas tisthi minn Alla li halqek sur PM. Mur ghid lil tal-qalba li qdejt ghall-voti. In kellek il-hila tohloq ingustizzji mall-laburisti stess. Il-vot huwa tieghi u din id-darba impatilkom ta` kollox.Good ridence to you Sur PM.
Maureen Attard
Sur Prim Ministru, meta ser tibda tiggverna?
Despite having a destructive opposition to contend with,this government has delivered on its main electoral promises. The last election showed the country needed a better government and that is what the country has today. And in the mean time,the PN's negative and destructive attitude is only appeasing the die hards.Middle-of-the-road voters are not entertained by such foolish behaviour from people who aspire to govern the country.
i am sure that the people who he promoted,allocated cushy jobs will vote for him,i am sure that i am not voting for him since i have not been given my dues!!
Joseph Muscat you only get one wish and that was fulfilled when you won the election and you became Prime Minister. As they say: "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me". The last election you won big because a lot of the PN followers were fed up and tired of being ignored by the past Administration and wanted a change. And a change they got. So Dr Joseph Muscat, you being elected, was a one time gift donated by a lot of PN disgruntled supporters. This time you have to win on your own because I don't think you still have the support of the PN supporters anymore. I might be wrong but time will tell. This is not a local election where anything goes. This is an election for MEPs will be representing Malta and the Maltese people at the EU table. So the Maltese people must be very careful and try to chose those people who are most qualified, and not by Party preference like we have done before. The results speak for themselves.
Jurgen Balzan the agreement was not signed with the Chinese government but with Shanghai Electric Power. Check your facts well before writing, that is what serious journalism warrants.
I was not going to vote but once you asked, I will vote for PL candidates. First year was definitely positive despite the sabotage by quite a few PN supporters and dumb labour appointees. Economy on upturn and PL are still listening. PN still remain hipocrites.
Dr. Muscat, Tonio Fenech hareg lill siehbu Beppe bhal giddeb (ghandu l-minn jixbah)u anke hu hawwad. Skond hu kien hemm kontijiet li kienu qedin jigu investigati qabel ma kienu jafu il-valur taghhom. Tant huma mitlufion minn sensihom li qedin jitfixklu fli jghidu. Parir wiehed ghandi ghalihom. Ghalqu halkom, tkomplux tghidu hmerijiet u wara li taghddiolkom iod-dadigha tat-telfa ohorgu ghidu lill poplu "Kellkom ragun tixkanawna imma issa behsiebna nibdlu hajjitna u nibdew nahsbu fil-popolin qabel f'tal-klikka
The ambition of a Leader should not be to win elections, but the know how of how to govern in the aftermath! Something which Dr Muscat is failing.