Government focusing on building new primary schools

The government is planning to construct new primary schools in St Paul’s Bay, Mosta and Marsascala, education minister says

Education minister Evarist Bartolo today said that in the next four years government would focus its energies on building new primary schools, with new projects planned in St Paul’s Bay, Mosta and Marsascala.

In reply to a number of Parliamentiary questions by PN deputy leader Mario de Marco, Bartolo explained that “rightly so, the previous government focused on building new secondary schools, however this government would be focusing on the construction of new primary schools.”

Pointing out that a number of existing schools were built 100 years ago, Bartolo said that a number of schools, such as the ones in St Paul’s Bay, Mosta and Marsascala needed to be replaced.

Without giving an exact number of schools which would be built, the minister added that schools in Kirkop, Rabat and Tarxien needed to be transformed into middle schools and government was in the process of identifying locations for new school buildings and buildings which could host students while new ones are built.

He said that several options were being considered, including a school in Ta Qali but the government was trying to avoid developing virgin land.