Zabbar mayor resigns

Quinton Scerri resigns from Zabbar local council following inquiry over misconduct

Quinton Scerri
Quinton Scerri

The Zabbar mayor Quinton Scerri has tendered his resignation from the local council after an inquiry held by the board of local governance concluded that he fabricated evidence on a hit-and-run accident involving a fellow councillor.  

In a letter sent to junior minister responsible for local government Stefan Buontempo, Scerri insisted that the inquiry’s conclusions were “wrong and unjust.”

“I therefore feel that I would be in a better position to clear my name from unfounded allegations and annul the conclusions reached, which in my opinion were only intended to damage my reputation following the trust shown in me by the Zabbar electorate,” Scerri wrote.

The home affairs ministry employee added that he was taking the decision “in a serene manner” in full respect of the electorate and the Labour Party.