PN condemns death of innocents in Gaza

The opposition expresses solidarity with Palestinian ambassador three weeks after start of attack on Gaza

Three weeks into the Israeli attack on Gaza, in which over 1,400 persons have been killed, the Nationalist Party issued a statement condemning “the violence and the reported deaths of innocent people.”

The opposition MP Carm Mifsud Bonnici said the “attacks must come to an immediate end,” adding that the deaths of hundreds of persons is “deplorable and unacceptable.”

The statement added that in recent hours Mifsud Bonnici called the Palestinian ambassador in Malta and expressed his solidarity.

“The violence must end immediately and the two parties must come together and initiate a civil discussion,” the MP said.

Yesterday, PN leader Simon Busuttil described the Israeli attack on a UN shelter which killed at least 16 Palestinians. Busuttil tweeted “The Gaza school attack is shocking and unacceptable.” So far, government has not condemned the attack on the school which sheltered over 3,000 Palestinians.