Mobile police station covered by MEPA clearance letter

Shadow home affairs minister claims officers feared ‘being electrocuted’ during storm

All strung up: the mobile police station in Marsascala secured to the ground
All strung up: the mobile police station in Marsascala secured to the ground

A temporary mobile police station in Marsascala is covered by a clearance letter issued by the Malta Environment and Planning Authority, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat told parliament.

Muscat was replying to a question raised by Nationalist MP Jason Azzopardi who asked the Prime Minister to provide the permit number covering the mobile police station.

“MEPA received a request by the Police Commissioner and a valid clearance for four months was issued according to Legal Notice 248 of 2014,” Muscat said.

Asked by Azzopardi whether there was a contingency plan in the eventuality that MEPA rejects the request for a permit, Home Affairs Minister Manuel Mallia said that nothing was being excluded at this stage.

In reply to other questions by the same MP, the government said ARMS Ltd had provided the structure with a temporary supply service.

In supplementary questions, Azzopardi said that police officers feared being “electrocuted” during the storm of 10 days ago. He said, that the container – which is housing the mobile office – was flooded during the storm and there existed a risk because the metal container was also supplied with electricity.

The minister however replied that Azzopardi “should personally verify” that the mobile police station was “a modern and adequate structure which is fully equipped”.

He invited the MP to personally visit the police station.

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