[WATCH] ‘Obesity law proof of a pro-active Opposition’ – Busuttil

PN leader warns that people living close to poverty more likely to be obese because unhealthy food tends to be more expensive than healthy food

PN leader Simon Busuttil
PN leader Simon Busuttil
Busuttil says PN making a difference in people's lives. Video: Chris Mangion

A Bill aimed at tackling obesity is proof that the Nationalist Party can make a difference in people’s lives despite being in Opposition, PN leader Simon Busuttil said. 

“For the first time in Maltese history, Parliament is discussing a full law that was completely proposed by the Opposition,” Busuttil told a national obesity conference. “Politicians tend to be expert at designing slogans but fail at putting their words into practice. We want to disprove that and make a difference in people’s lives.”

This Bill proposes to render all school sports-related activities obligatory to all students, to offer child health courses to mothers-to-be and to establish a list of food items that will able to be sold at school canteens, day centers and old people's homes.

In his speech, Busuttil cited how the Opposition set up a working group of 11 MPs to come up with a strategy against diabetes, and how they have proposed a motion that will allow patients to get treated in private hospitals at the state’s cost if public health waiting-lists are too long.  

Busuttil warned that people living close to poverty are more likely to suffer from obesity.

“Unhealthy food is cheaper than healthy food, and that is a problem that politicians must address,” Busuttil said. 

He argued a true solution to Malta’s obesity problem requires a mentality and cultural change.

“We still tend to associate over-eating with health,” Busuttil said. 

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