PN approves more general election candidates

Nationalis Party approves 16 candidates for the upcoming general elections, bringing the total of approved candidates to 48

PN leader Simon Busuttil
PN leader Simon Busuttil

The Nationalist party has approved 16 candidates for the upcoming general election, it was revealed after a meeting of its executive committee earlier this evening.

“This newly approved group is composed of 13 entirely new candidates and three familiar faces,” a PN statement revealed.

The statement listed those approved this evening; Amanda Abela, Frans Agius, Ivan Bartolo, Lawrence Bonavia, Roderick Bugeja, Elaine Camilleri, John Baptist Camilleri, Raymond Caruana, Noel Galea, Alex Mangion, George Muscat, Matthew Paris, Maria Portelli, Dorian Sciberras, Liam Sciberras and David Thake.

 “It’s clear that the Nationalist Party’s call for honest politics is attracting new people who wish to engage themselves in public life and offer services,” PN leader Simon Busuttil said.

“This is another step towards renewal of the Party,” he added.

Today’s group marks the third group of candidates approved by the PN for the next general election and it brings the total of approved candidates to 48.

"This is an ongoing process which will take up weeks and months to come,” the statement added.