Former ONE TV employee earns €58,568 in government consultancies

Pierre Cachia earns €58,568 from three ministries in 12 months

Pierre Cachia managing a Labour Party event
Pierre Cachia managing a Labour Party event

Former ONE TV employee Pierre Cachia has earned a whopping €58,568 for PR services rendered to three ministries in the past 12 months.

A former floor manger with Labour’s TV station, Cachia is a permanent fixture in most press events organised by ministries.

In information tabled in Parliament by various ministries, it has emerged that Cachia earned €2,167 a month in the 12 month period for PR consultancy to the finance ministry, two €9,202 payments for services rendered to the transport ministry in relation to a national campaign against litter.

Furthermore, Cachia was given a direct order to provide media related services to the environment ministry, for which he was paid €14,160.

So far not all ministries have provided a fiull list of consultancies in the past 12 months, while other ministries such as the family ministry headed by Michael Farrugia provided the list of consultancies without issuing names.