[WATCH] Independent institutions ensure autonomy, avoid 'undue influence'

Malta Employers Association say business require good governance which fosters a healthy level of trust

Independent institutions ensure autonomy, and avoid 'undue influence' - Busuttil

Independent institutions ensure autonomy and avoid succumbing to undue influence, Opposition leader Simon Busuttil said making his pitch for the appointment of CEOs by two-thirds of parliament.

During the presentation of the PN’s economic vision, Busuttil told the Malta Employers Association that independent institutions give “fair results”.

“Depriving these institutions of their autonomy will impact the people and the economy. Bad governance leads to bad economy,” Busuttil said, making reference to the National Audit Office’s investigation into the Gaffarena expropriation.

“We regard the Auditor General as one of the very few institutions whose autonomy is guaranteed. This is ensured by the fact that he is appointed with the agreement of two thirds of the House. Such measure should be extended.”

MEA president Arthur Mercieca said the PN’s economic document showed the opposition was projecting itself “as an alternative future government”.

Arguing that the MEA did not necessarily agree with everything in the report, the document served as a basis for discussion.

Referring to the NAO report published yesterday, Mercieca said businesses required good governance which fosters a healthy level of trust to prosper.