St Hubert’s Hunters leave hunting federation

St Hubert's Hunters (KSU) terminate affiliation with FKNK, while Malta Taxidermy Federation and Executive Guns & Ammo Shooting Club join the federation 

KSU President Mark Mifsud Bonnici. Photo by Chris Mangion
KSU President Mark Mifsud Bonnici. Photo by Chris Mangion

The St. Hubert’s Hunters (KSU) have terminated their affiliation with the hunting federation FKNK. In a brief statement issued on Thursday, FKNK chief executive Lino Farrugia said that KSU “did not see any benefit from the continuation” of their affiliation with the federation.

He added that the Executive Guns & Ammo Shooting Club and the Malta Taxidermy Federation have now become affiliate members of the FKNK.

KSU president Mark Mifsud Bonnici told MaltaToday that his organisation actually left the FKNK in September last year but originally felt no reason to publicise their decision. However, they will issue a statement later on today to explain the reasons behind the termination of their affiliation.

“It was a matter of choice,” Mifsud Bonnici said. “We have always been a small organisation that enjoyed a good reputation and will remain that way.”

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