Minister cagey about identity of Air Malta strategic partner

Tourism minister does not identify Air Malta’s strategic partner, but stresses that negotiations are still ongoing

Tourism minister Edward Zammit Lewis reassured that negotiations with the potential strategic partner for Air Malta are still on-going, and that they had suffered no set back.

“We have remained consistent in terms of the parameters of this decision and we will insist on the best possible solution for Air Malta, its employees and tourism in the country,” Zammit Lewis said.

Quoting a number of “obligations” with the strategic partner, Zammit Lewis said that it was still “inopportune to mention the name of any companies.”

Although he did not deny that the national airline was in talks with Etihad Airways, the minister added that pin-pointed the company himself.

“I will be very outright and transparent about the identity of the strategic partner at the opportune moment, but until then I can reassure you that negotiations are still going on.”

Tourism minister stresses importance of investing in human resources

Speaking during a discussion with Corinthia Attard hotel employees, Zammit Lewis emphasized the importance of focusing on the development of human resources.

“One of the government’s main objectives this year is to encourage employees to consider long term careers in hospitality, as well as to encourage more young people to embark on such careers,” he said.

Zammit Lewis also spoke about the importance of integrating people with a disability in the sector.

"Focusing on better mobility and accessibility at hotels will also encourage more people to travel," he said adding that training people with a disability would be one of the main focuses throughout the coming year.