In the Press: Mizzi declares €37,500 in rental income since 2013

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Energy minister Konrad Mizzi
Energy minister Konrad Mizzi


Embattled energy minister Konrad Mizzi declares just over €37,500 in rental income over 2013 and 2014, according to tax returns provided to the newsroom. The data was requested in view of the revelations that Mizzi owned an offshore company in Panama and an offshore trust in New Zealand. Mizzi had insisted that the structure was designed as a family trust for assets and investments including the leveraging of his property in London.

Times of Malta

The government has concluded negotiations on the future of national airline Air Malta, with the United Arab Emirates’ airline Etihad airways. The newspaper reports that Air Malta will be selling a substantial stake of the airline to Etihad. News that the two airlines were in talks had originally been reported by MaltaToday, but TOM adds that a memorandum of understanding is expected to be signed in the coming days with Etihad, followed by talks with Unions over the future of its workers.

In- Nazzjon

The Nationalist Party has announced it will support independent MP Marlene Farrugia’s vote of no confidence against energy minister Konrad Mizzi. PN deputy leader Simon Busuttil announced the PN’s support during après conference on Tuesday night. Farrugia’s motion was announced during the 13-hour debate in parliament, when MPs voted against the PN’s no confidence vote in the current government. Farrugia also revealed that she would also present another motion against the prime minister’s chief of staff Keith Schembri.


Parliamentary secretary Ian Borg has made an unprecedented move of publishing all contracts  linked to the development of his property on the outskirts of Santa Katerina in Rabat. The paper reports that the action is both symbolic of transparency and it also shows that the work was done in a lawful manner.

The Malta Independent

61% of the population is ready to accept gay marriage, the iSurvey commissioned by the newspaper reveals. The figures show a leap in the mentality of society towards LGBTIQ couples in a relatively short time after civil unions were introduced only two years ago. The findings of the survey also reveal that those who voted Labour in the last election are among the biggest supporters of gay marriage, together with younger age groups.