CHOGM, migration summits cost over €17 million

Last year's Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting cost €13,567,282, while Valletta summit on migration cost €5,252,390

The Commonwealth Heads of Government and migration summits held in Malta towards the end of last year cost a combined total of €17,651,457.

Financial statements by the CHOGM and Valletta summit taskforces, verified by audit firm WDM International and published in Parliament, show that the CHOGM summit cost a total of €13,567,282, with government earning back €1,168,515 through sponsorship income and delegate fees.

The most significant cost was hospitality for guests, amounting to a whopping €4.78 million. Information services cost €2.2 million, professional services cost €1.9 million, personal emoluments cost €1.52 million, while transportation cost €1.18 million.

The Valletta summit cost a total of €5,252,390, with the bulk of the costs going on information services (€1.45 million), hospitality (€1.18 million), and transportation (€941,254).

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