Ray Bugeja lends out leadership advice … but ‘it’s not about’ Busuttil

Former PN leadership hopeful Ray Bugeja defends leadership advice posted on Twitter: ‘It’s about the current Labour Party leadership race in the UK'

Ray Bugeja
Ray Bugeja

The former contender for the leadership of the Nationalist Party posted some leadership advice on Twitter … and many concluded that it was a jibe aimed at PN leader Simon Busuttil.

Taking to Twitter, entrepreneur and head of the PN’s finance commission Ray Bugeja said that a true leader knows when to step down if it’s in the best interest of one's followers. 

“The ultimate test of true leadership is to step down when it is objectively in the best interests of those you lead and for whom you lead,” Ray Bugeja’s tweet read.

His tweet was immediately picked up by the Labour Party media as a message directed to Busuttil, who lately has been questioned over his leadership style. It followed a blogpost by Victor Calleja who has questioned the Nationalist Party’s presence, arguing that it has “itself turned transparent and practically disappeared”.

However, Bugeja once again took to the social media to put to rest any rumours that he was suggesting that Busuttil should step down. On the other hand, he argued that he had, in actual fact, been commenting about the Labour leadership in election in the UK.

 “Those who read me regularly and objectively know that I tend to speak in principles rather than on individuals. As such, my comments are addressed generally to everyone and specifically to no one. They apply only where they apply,” Bugeja wrote, in reply to the news article.

“They apply to the Leader of the Opposition in the same way they apply to the prime Minister – and to any other leader – if they context requires that they do. But if one wishes to seek a primary, specific context, the would be the current Labour Party leadership race in the UK.”

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