Muscat shrugs off Busuttil’s warnings on LNG tanker

Opposition leader flags potential health and safety risks associated with Armada LNG Mediterrana tanker that docked in the Port of Marsaxlokk today

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat dismissed warnings by Simon Busuttil concerning the LNG tanker that docked in Marsaxlokk Bay earlier today.

The Opposition leader had risen up in Parliament to question whether Muscat was going to give a ministerial statement on the arrival of the Armada LNG Mediterrana, that will supply gas to the new gas-fired power station in Delimara.

“Why hasn’t the government published any risk analysis study on the tanker?” he questioned. “What are the risks in the event of a storm, an explosion, a gas leak, a collision with another ship, or a failure to anchor properly?

“What measures is the governemnt taking in case of an emergency? Are there enough fire engines and fire engine tugboats? Why is Muscat insisting on anchoring such a massive boat in the Port of Marsaxlokk?”

Muscat was short in his reply, accusing Busuttil of passing several false suggestions and questioning the PN leader whether he would rather Malta stick with heavy-fuel oil as its primary energy source.

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