Perici Calascione proposes reform of PN structures

PN leadership candidate Alex Perici Calascione says the PN needs structures to allow ideas from grassroots to filter to the top.

Alex Perici Calascione
Alex Perici Calascione

The PN must continue its dialogue with all segments of Maltese society by creating structures where different opinions can be heard, according to PN leadership candidate Alex Perici Calascione.

Addressing reporters outside parliament, he said that dialogue strengthens the party and keeps it close to the people. The lawyer highlighted the importance of having structures within the party that would ensure that the people continue to be at the heart of the PN's politics.

Reforms needed to be introduced to strengthen internal structures, he said.

Members of sectional and district committees need to serve as the link between the PN and society once again said the leadership hopeful. “It is in this way that the PN can be more aware of what is going on in society and propose necessary changes.”

Perici Calascione said that this would enable ideas and opinions from the grassroots, the activists and committee members, to reach the leadership.

The leadership hopeful also said he believed that any reforms should incorporate changes to the roles of high ranking positions within the party.

“The role of secretary general should continue to be a central one with the person in the position focusing directly on the party’s work and needs,” Perici Calascione said. However, the time had come the role of assistant secretary general to be abolished and replaced by directors for the party’s various entities, which include its information office, Elcom, local councils, sectional committee and its logistics and activities organisers, as well as AZAD, a PN foundation founded to educate and raise awareness about political issues, he said.