Chris Said: ‘Fenech Adami did not win by imitating Mintoff’

The leadership contender once again emphasized the importance of integrity in a leader, insisting that ‘those who would like to embrace Muscat’s values should join Labour'

Chris Said insisted it was imperative for the PN's next leader to have integrity
Chris Said insisted it was imperative for the PN's next leader to have integrity

Nationalist Party leadership contender Chris Said has once again emphasized the importance of integrity in a leader as the race for Simon Busuttil’s successor enters the final stretch.

“Who aspires to be the new Eddie Fenech Adami needs to follow his example. Eddie Fenech Adami did not win by imitating Mintoff, treating him with kids’ gloves or meeting him half-way,” according to Said.

“He won by emphasizing all the values that made him stand out. He won as there was never a trace that could put in question his integrity.”

The Gozitan MP said that he wanted the Nationalist Party to be at the “forefront of innovation and renewal” and party that is “organized, dynamic and constantly forward-looking”.

“I want the Nationalist Party to be a credible political force, willing to engage with all sectors of society, and gain everyone’s respect,” continued Said.

He said his ambition in politics remained that of serving “with all my energy and commitment”, in order to overcome the challenge of giving people the opportunity to “lead a better life, irrespective of their backgournd or political affiliation”.

“I will work with everyone and I will ensure that those who have supported other candidates during this leadership election will find the doors of the party wide open,” he pledged. “The task ahead is huge and there is room for all those who have the party and the country's interest at heart.”

Said once again promised to “organize the Nationalist Party from the bottom-up, in a way that no one feels detached from the party’s decision-making structures”, adding that, with him at the party’s helm, “street leaders” and local communities would be allocated the resources required for them to “make a difference on the ground”.

“We will never distance ourselves from the people. We will ensure that the party remains rooted in society, constantly reaching out to everyone, engaging in genuine dialogue in all our town and cities,” said Said. “We will set the country's agenda, with a forward-looking approach and with our fingers on the pulse of our society.”

Finally, he the leadership contender said that the party’s indentity was not for sale and if he were to be elected, the PN would not become “Labour Mark 2”.

“Those who would like to contribute to a aprty that embraces Muscat’s values can join Labour,” he insisted.

“We will be the party that stands for integrity. Our country deserves a political force where honest and hard-working people can feel at home. That will be the Nationalist Party”.

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