Economy under threat after journalist's murder, Delia tells business delegates

Opposition leader Adrian Delia tells the annual EY conference meeting in Malta that 'the elephant in the room' cannot be ignored and the country has to rebuild trust in the institutions of law and order

Opposition leader Adrian Delia addressing the EY conference
Opposition leader Adrian Delia addressing the EY conference


Daphne Caruana Galizia's murder shook Malta's reputation despite the positive results found in the EY attractiveness survey, Opposition leader Adrian Delia said this morning at the annual event organised by the audit and advisory firm.

As expected, the journalist's assassination hung like a dark cloud over the EY conference proceedings and Delia made it a point to underline the negative impact the murder had on Malta's attributes as a safe place to live with sound institutions.

"Let us open our eyes and identify the elephant in the room," Delia said, adding the economy's main contributors - online gaming, tourism and construction - depended on a robust banking system and a safe place to live.

"Malta's economy was one of the few to remain untouched by the [2008] economic crisis but today it is under threat," the Natioanlist Party leader said.

Acknowledging this was a difficult moment for the country, he insisted solid institutions were required as the foundations on which freedom and investment could be built. "We cannot adhere to institutions which we do not trust."

Delia said Malta had to attract foreign direct investment but it was increasingly difficult to do so because the government was ignoring the problems within.



"We are here to send a message to the international business community and safeguard our reputation. We believe in Malta and our people so let us not shy away from taking concrete action for our country without any partisan objectives - only then can we move forward," he said.

Delia said Air Malta must be rescued and new industries attracted to the country but the first obligation was to ensure rule of law prevailed.