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Nearly 1,400 gamblers bar themselves from casinos
The number of self-exclusion requests from casinos rose from 1,277 in 2016 to...
Labour says Simon Busuttil used Egrant lie to undermine EU presidency, economic prosperity
The Labour Party called for the resignation of Simon Busuttil whose...
[WATCH] PN has to admit it was wrong on Egrant, says leader Adrian Delia
“The country needs a credible Opposition which is believed when it speaks...
Egrant | Inquiry finds no evidence of Tillgate, Hearnville accounts at Pilatus Bank
While it has been found that efforts were made to open up foreign bank accounts...
[WATCH] Mintoff worried that divorce would lead to men abandoning women and children
On tonight's Xtra Sajf, former Labour Minister Joe Debono Grech revealed...
Government strongly refutes allegations that Malta broke international law
The Maltese government has responded to allegations by search and rescue NGO...
[WATCH] Google hit with €4.3 billion fine by EU over antitrust breach
The European Commission has fined Google a record €4.34 billion for...
[WATCH] Mere months into new year, stress caused Adrian Delia to start smoking again
Back in December last year, Delia said that one of his New Year resolutions was...