Peaceful protest outside Floriana Police HQ tomorrow

Another peaceful sit-in protest will be held by the Civil Society Network and Occupy Justice tomorrow, pressuring for the removal of the Police Commissioner and Attorney General

The Civil Society Network, in collaboration with Occupy Justice, will be holding another sit-in peaceful protest tomorrow, at 4pm, in front of the Police Headquarters, Floriana.

They are insisting on their non-partisan demands for the immediate removal of the Police Commissioner and Attorney General, and for their replacements subject to two-thirds parliamentary majority. It is equally emphasising proper constitutional reform.

In a statement, the Network have said that those attending the peaceful protest were welcome to bring placards, whistles, percussion and candles. There will also be live music, including by Beangrowers, Vince Fabri and Beesqueeze.

They were invited to make paper planes with their own messages to the Police Commissioner written on them that they will be able to fly beyond the police depot gate tomorrow.

“Before flying their plane they can also take a photo of their message and upload it to Facebook," they suggested.

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