Planning Authority approves Farsons business park

The project was put on hold last month after the PA seemed to hint at a possibility of it rejecting the permit application for the development

The Farsons old brewhouse (*) and business park
The Farsons old brewhouse (*) and business park

Plans to create a subsidiary company that would have developed the €40 million business park in Mriehel have been put on hold by the board of directors at Farsons that met 24 hours after the Planning Authority intimated it would reject the permit.

The Planning Authority has approved a permit submitted by Simonds Farsons Cisk p.l.c, for the construction of business park along Mdina Road, Mriehel.

In a brief statement, the company said the Trident Park project had been approved by the Board of the Planning Authority in a unanimous vote.

Although the proposed development went against planning policies, it had been recommended for approval since it could contribute to the areas surroundings but was put on hold after PA board members expressed their concerns about the development

The development was approved after Farsons submitted a master plan, and made clear its intention not to develop the area beyond what it had already planned.

Work on the €40 million Trident Park development is expected to start during the first half of 2018, and is scheduled to be completed within three years, and has been entrusted to the London-based architects Ian Ritchie Architects Limited. 

“The Board of Directors of Simonds Farsons Cisk p.l.c is pleased to announce that at a meeting held earlier on today, the Board of the Planning Authority has unanimously approved a permit (PA02523/16) for the creation of a business park along Mdina Road, Mriehel consisting of International Grade A offices, with landscaped courtyards and a naturally ventilated multi-level car park for approximately 700 cars,” read the statement by the company.

It added that the development was designed in a manner that complemented the scheduled Art Deco façade, “the integrity and aesthetic quality of which is being retained”.

Furthermore, Farsons said that the development would also be complimenting the “rehabilitation of the Old Brewhouse that seeks to restore and convert the industrial space, and that will include a Visitor Centre Experience with supporting food and other retail outlets”.

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