Air Malta aircraft performs precautionary priority landing

The aircraft performed a precautionary priority landing upon arrival at Dusseldorf airport today when a galley faulty oven fan was identified

An Air Malta aircraft operating flight KM352 from Malta to Dusseldorf preformed a precautionary priority landing upon arrival at the airport today.

In a statement, Air Malta said the aircraft was inspected in line with required procedures and a galley faulty oven fan was identified.

The decision was taken by the captain and flying crew to assure the safety of all 125 passengers on board and to minimise any discomfort to the passengers.

The aircraft landed normally. It was then declared serviceable and is already on its way to Malta with the passengers of KM 353.

“Air Malta's highest priority is the safety and well - being of its customer s and crew. The airline apologises for any inconvenience,” the statement said.


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