Work on Għadira Bay extension gets underway

Projects Malta has proposed to extend Malta’s largest and most popular beach by some 30 metres

Preliminary work on an extension to Għadira Bay have gotten underway with several cores being drilled along the length of the beach, Projects Malta said on Tuesday.

The cores are part of environmental studies which will need to be carried out in relation top the project in order for authorities to better understand what material is present beneath the bay’s sand.

In a statement, Projects Malta apologised for any inconvenience caused by the work, adding that representatives from the Malta Tourism Authority would be present on site to provide assistance or information when needed.

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It said that Transport Malta had also issued a notice to Mariners, which was available on the authority’s website.

The work follows a number of other initiatives by the Tourism ministry which are aimed at improving Malta's beaches. Last month, the a sand replenishment exercise at Balluta Bay was completed, allowing tourists and residents of the area to use the beach once again.

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