[WATCH] Archbishop Charles Scicluna, Ahmed Bugre meet with Marsa band club

The invitation by Archbishop Charles Scicluna to Ahmed Bugre came following claims that the Holy Trinity band club in Marsa was refusing admission to black people

Ahmed Bugre (left) and Archbishop Charles Scicluna on Monday evening at Marsa
Ahmed Bugre (left) and Archbishop Charles Scicluna on Monday evening at Marsa
Archbishop Charles Scicluna and Ahmed Bugre met in Marsa with members of a band club accused of barring blacks

Archbishop Charles Scicluna and pastor Ahmed Bugre this evening held an informal meeting at a band club in Marsa, which was at the centre of accusations that it barred entry to black people.

Bugre himself had been stopped by club members from entering the club last July under the guise of a members only policy. The story was carried by MaltaToday on Sunday, eliciting contrasting reactions from readers and community leaders. Band club President Clinton Sammut had denied the existence of a members only policy when contacted by the newspaper, insisting the premises was “open to all”.

Scicluna was scheduled to celebrate mass at the Marsa parish church this evening and asked Bugre to join him after the MaltaToday story broke.

After the mass, Scicluna and Bugre went over to the Holy Trinity band club on the main square, where they met committee members. Marsa parish priest Carmelo Aquilina was also in attendance.

In comments to MaltaToday, Scicluna said the meeting helped bring together different parts of society, in an effort to increase understanding between all sides of the community.

"The informal meeting helped us in understanding better the needs of the community like hygiene and respect, in an effort to achieve a more meaningful integration," Scicluna said. He insisted the discussion started today should continue.

Bugre praised the Archbishop’s efforts in bringing together the club’s officials and himself.

“The band club officials showed willingness to help solve this issue and have committed to moving forward with the migrant community,” Bugre said.

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