Fuel station owners accept GRTU agreement with government over funding dispute

At a meeting for its members, the GRTU was given the go-ahead to conclude an agreement it reached with the government over a funding dispute that led to industrial action last week

Fuel station owners approve of agreement
Fuel station owners approve of agreement

Fuel station owners, members of the GRTU, have accepted an agreement reached last Saturday between the union and Energy Minister Joe Mizzi.

The GRTU said in a statement that its members approved the agreement with government in a meeting held on Monday. No details of the agreement were given.

Fuel station owners went on partial strike last week after talks with the government had stalled. Petrol stations claim they need help from the government or the EU to undertake upgrades which are necessary so as to be in line with an EU directive by 2020.

The strike, which saw fuel stations not selling petrol after 6pm, was suspended last Friday pending a meeting with Mizzi on Saturday.

In its statement, the GRTU emphasised the importance of "using the limited time available judiciously".

"We will work together so that no time is lost and the individual fuel stations and Malta will not suffer any consequences as a result of the directive not being adhered to by the stipulated time," the GRTU said.

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