Electricity demand peaked at record 510MW

Unconnected power cuts caused by problems to distribution system, Enemalta says

Electricity demand peaked at 510MW
Electricity demand peaked at 510MW

A three-day heatwave that started on Monday saw electricity demand peak at a record 510MW on Tuesday, Enemalta said.

The demand was 5% higher than the highest level ever recorded by the utility company, which was 488MW in August 2017.

Enemalta said that electricity demand was 15% higher than that registered during the same period during the past two years.

The company said power cuts experienced in various locations over the past three days were a result of the above average temperatures.

“These localised interruptions were not related to each other,” the company said, adding that in 80% of the cases, supply was restored after 10 minutes.

Enemalta said the interruptions were not caused by problems to the electricity generation system but a result of the distribution system.

“While Enemalta apologises for any inconvenience caused, the company will continue investing in its distribution system to further improve the quality of service offered to its clients,” the company said.

Lights out? If you are experiencing difficulties in electricity supply contact Enemalta on its freephone number 8007 2224.

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