Palumbo Group and AUM bump heads over Macina parking entrance

Palumbo Group have requested the court to issue a prohibitory injunction against the American University of Malta

Palumbo Group have requested a prohibitory injunction against the American University of Malta, after claiming that the AUM had sent workers to close off the entrance to dock no. 1 in Bormla.

News reports have stated that AUM had tried to close off the Macina parking area using bollards in order to carry out works, a decision that did not go down well with the Palumbo management.

According to news reports, the Palumbo Group did not know of the decision.

During an urgent meeting held between the two parties, an AUM director stated that the land was theirs, as laid out in the agreement with the government.

On the other hand, Palumbo Group had stated that they have legal access to the area.

Palumbo Group have confirmed with media outlets that they filed the urgent prohibitory injunction, with the magistrate ordering a suspension of the works being carried out.

“The university cannot close off the area, as it is fundamental to the works being carried out by the dock yard,” a Palumbo spokesperson said.

When asked to comment about the situation, Isla Mayor Clive Pulis said that the area in question was given to the AUM, through the agreement reached in 2015.

“Prior to the 2015 agreement, that area used to fall under the remits of Isla, but was transferred to the AUM when the agreement was reached,” he said.

The works being carried out by the AUM have also not gone down well with residents, as lights being used on the site led to an argument between a number of people.

The argument escalated in a manner that police had to be call on-site to calm the situation down.

A police spokesperson said that the argument died down immediately and the police will not be pressing any charges.  

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