Italian government to crack down on fake news

Reports of fake news can be made on the website of Italy's postal police, the division that deals with cybercrime, in a new portal launched ahead of March elections 

Italians are being asked to report media disinformation through a new function on Italy’s postal police website.

The new portal, launched ahead of the upcoming general election, will allow the public to report fake news through a ‘red button’ system, which was described as a “transparent and legitimate public service tool aimed at protecting citizens from unfounded news,” by Italy’s Interior Minister Marco Minniti.

The reports will be checked by police, who will determine what action can be taken, even if no laws were broken.

“We know that the electoral campaign is a delicate and important moment, but we intend to verify only the obviously unfounded news, we will never say whether the opinions of this or that politician are not true,” police chief Franco Gabrielli said.