Who is the Italian band that rocked Europe?

The rockers who rocked Europe with the song 'Zitti e buoni' scored a total of 524 points and won the Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Eurovision without any drama is probably not possible. We all enjoyed the performance of the winners of the Eurovision contest. Great song, dressed extravaganza like they would appear in a casino in Vegas, and a rock n roll attitude created a winning blend. France came second with the elegant song of Barbara Parvi, and Switzerland placed third with the French song of the Albanian-Swiss Gjon Muharremaj. England, Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands got zero points from televoting.

However, there was a controversial shot by the frontman of Maneskin, which looks like he is "sniffing" cocaine inside the Ahoy Arena. All the social media caught that, and then suddenly, it was all over the internet.

At the press conference that took place after their victory, the rockers who "shook" Europe with the song "Zitti e buoni" which scored a total of 524 points, denied that they used drugs in the green room and stated that they are willing to undergo toxicological tests after they return to Italy, as broadcasted by the Italian public television Rai. In this way, in consultation with the EBU, the four artists want to give a definitive answer to those who, last night, said that the frontman of the band, Damiano, may have used drugs during the voting process.

At the press conference that took place immediately after their victory, logically the question was asked: "Well congratulations Italy, I have to ask this. Because there was a guess during the broadcast when in the background you seemed to bend over the table and "sniff" something, internet users have speculated that you were taking cocaine. What was that?

"Thomas (the guitarist) broke a glass. I do not do drugs, please don't say that," Damiano replied late last night. Of course, the interview host quickly moved on to the next topic, asking the journalists to focus on music.

The EBU announcement states: "We are aware of the speculation about the plan of the Italian winners of the Eurovision Song Contest in the Green Room last night. The band has denied the allegations of drug use, and the singer will voluntarily undergo toxicological tests when he returns home. This was requested by them last night, but he couldn't organize it immediately by the EBU.

Eurovision has a strict protocol and security so that it would be impossible for any of the contestants to carry drugs into the green room. However, supporters of Italy say the issue has been shaken because of jealousy of Italy's victory. In any case, the band's official response clarifies the landscape, stating that it even accepts control for use because they have nothing to hide.

"We are shocked by what some say about Damiano doing drugs. We are really against drugs, and we have never used cocaine. We are ready to be tested because we have nothing to hide. We are here to play our music, and we are very happy about our victory. We want to thank everyone for their support. Rock and roll never dies. We love you." Damiano finally was found negative on drug use.

Who is the Italian band that rocked Europe?

Who are Maneskin and Damiano David, the band members who rocked the Eurovision stage thirty-one years after the last victory for Italy in the institution brought the trophy to their "home"? The lead singer began his career singing on the main street of Via del Corso in Rome, in direct contact with the public. The band's average age is twenty-years old, and they’ve known each other since they went to high school in the Monteverde district of Rome.

The band first became known to the general public from the Italian version of the show " X-Factor" in 2017. The Maneskin had received the "ticket" for Rotterdam from the San Remo Music Festival. Their first single, "Chosen" was released on November 24, 2017 by Sony Music and ranked No. 2 on the Italian FIMI singles chart. It consisted mainly of covers previously performed during the live broadcast of X-Factor. Subsequently, the band took part in many shows on Italian public and private television, mainly thanks to the great impact it had from the very beginning on young people. 

On March 23, 2018, the band released their first single in Italian, "Morirò da re," which was again a tremendous commercial success.  Their album "Il ballo della vita,” and the single "Torna a casa" surpassed the charts in Italy. They also toured major Italian and European cities. The recognition and support of the audience continues with the songs "Vent 'anni" (Twenty years) and "Le parole lontane" (The distant words).

In 2021, finally, they participated in the Italian song festival of San Remo, where they managed to win despite the fact that it’s predominantly a pop music event. At Eurovision, they decided to sing in Italian and not in English but agreed to remove two explicit expressions from the lyrics of the song during their first official performance.

The 22-year-old rocker Damiano David is a well-known Italian singer, is considered a sex symbol in his country, and greatly impacts the female population. Damiano was born on January 8, 1999, in Rome and is a Capricorn. He was born on the same day as David Bowie and Elvis Presley. He has a great weakness in his mother and brother. From a young age, he did not like school but loved rock music, and he chased his dream. In the beginning, he played music where he was accepted, but not for long. He loves tattoos, and through the song "Zitti e buoni," he urges everyone not to deal with the lives of others, but with their own goals. 

Italian reports say that the rocker has recently given his heart to the well-known in Italy influencer and model, Giorgia Soleri, with whom he was engaged after four years of relationship. Earlier, rumors circulated that he was having an affair with  Victoria De Angelis, the band's bassist.