Red carpet roll-out for CasinoEuro’s cinema debut

For CasinoEuro's final episode, they decided to go out in style with the most avant-garde production that grips the viewer's attention at every moment

When CasinoEuro, an online casino that works under the MGA licence, stated they are committed to the art of the game, they weren’t joking whatsoever.

They are, in fact, so dedicated, they even dipped their toes in the art of cinema. And we are not just referring to the CasinoEuro YouTube channel.

For CasinoEuro's final episode, they decided to go out in style with the most avant-garde production that grips the viewer’s attention at every moment. Primarily because in every moment, they are trying out a new technological device.

Considering they are an online casino game provider, you might be wondering what brought them to the idea of creating this particular kind of gadget haul? Head over to the comment section of almost every one of their slot game review videos, and you’ll find out why.

The special projection for someone special

To save you from searching through an abundance of comments, we will provide the answer for you. As you might know, CasinoEuro’s YouTube channel holds various videos that help players better understand the game they're playing. Whether it be’ How To Play’ videos or slot machine review videos, they've got you covered.

Even though they pretty much cover every detail in the slot machine game videos, there was always one question that left the viewers wondering. If all you need is a web browser and screen, can you play slot games on any device that has both?

CasinoEuro being the pleasers they are decided to dig into the question and find the answer. Not in your basic yes or no kind of way! More like in the most over-the-top way possible. We're not just talking about different types of mobile devices and laptops.

The devices they went ahead and tested out were so extravagant that it deserved a unique projection in one of the wildest places you could ever play slot games— a cinema! It turns out the main camera had a crush on the CasinoEuro actress, Melanie. So as any gentlemen would, he invited her out for some one-on-one time in a very private viewing.

The camera got lucky; not only did the viewing go as planned, he even hit the jackpot with some PDA in the end.

A theatre screen is not the only big screen that will be catching your attention. Try playing slots on a 38-foot digital billboard. Do you think it will work?

Unique gadget lineup created by the viewers

Don't worry; they also kept things simple and tried out devices that every Tom, Dick, and Harry have on their nightstands. The smartwatch you're wearing on your wrist right now? Yup, they tried it! Or the game console that you are looking forward to playing when you get home? You might have a few new games you can play on it now. What about the Tesla Model 3? Do you think you can take a few spins on that screen?

This extensive lineup of gadgets is all thanks to the CasinoEuro fans and their curiosity. Not just from the announcement video, which gathered a ton of suggestions, but also the majority of the other review videos available on the channel.

You're in for a wild adventure with the memorable grand finale of their slot game review series; make sure to check it out at the CasinoEuro YouTube Channel.


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