Melita take walkover

On Saturday it was a very disappointing day for the Marsa C.C who had to give a walkover to the Melita C.C team.

From the walkover Melita earned eight points and after the second round now completed are only five point s behind the leaders Krishna C.C.

The day was not lost and with plenty of cricketers around who were not due to play, a friendly 20 over game was played.

Sunny Krishna and Kritian Garancis opened the batting for the first team. Garancis  was first to go  and not troubling the scorers. Sumair Khan also had the same fate as Garancis. Simon Lavender did well and scored eighteen runs including two fours. Sunny Krishna scored thirteen.

The innings of the day came from Frank Spiteri who made forty seven runs from twenty six balls which included five fours and two sixes. He also took nineteen runs of a Mike Caruana over. Robert Krishna was deceived by a slower delivery from Andrew Mitchell and was walking back to the pavilion without scoring.

Sarfraz Ali scored five runs while Andy Lenard played a subdue innings of thirty one runs which also included a six and one four. Other bowlers who took wickets were Gordon Hewitt, Justin Farrin Thorne and Adam Caruana. The first batting team scored 124 runs which included ten extras.

Andrew Mitchell and Justin Farrin Thorne opened the batting for the second team and were going along nicely until in the space of two overs they were both out scoring eighteen and twelve respectively. Dave Mansfield scored seven runs, Prasad Abeysinghe four runs, Dave Borg, no runs, Chris Naudi and Mike Caruana nine runs each, Tony Slater three runs, Andy Naudi one run, Adam Caruana no run and Ronnie Sacco put some life into the innings with twenty five runs.

The second team totalled 105 runs with extras. For the first team Andy Lenard took three wickets, Frank Spiteri and Sarfraz Ali two wickets each , while Sumair ,Joy Ghoseroy and Sunny Kriishna took a wicket each.

Next Saturday the 40 over Winter competition continues with Melita Betfair  playing against Krishna C.C. In the morning from 9:00 till 10:30 the Sunoco academy/nursery will take place.


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