Spanish footballer Bojan Krkić taking English language lessons with EC

Planning on staying in England for a while, Krkić is learning the English language 'to settle properly'

Stoke City footballer Bojan Krkić
Stoke City footballer Bojan Krkić

Stoke City footballer Bojan Krkić has chosen to improve his English language skills with EC English Language Centres, and be a public ambassador for the Maltese-owned group.

The star recently received a warm welcome at EC Manchester, and quickly settled into student life, choosing a combination of General English classes and One-to-One tutoring, as well as the occasional break to play a few rounds of FIFA with his new friends and classmates.

The Spanish forward values English as an important part of his future success and is serious about his studies.

 “I think you have to learn the language if you want to settle properly. English is very important for me so I can have a good relationship with my teammates, my coach, with the fans of my team, and when I have to communicate with the press, to give messages before and after matches,” Krkić said.

“I gave my first interview in English last week and it was great!”

Having previously played for Barcelona, Bojan Krkić obliterated records at the La Maisa academy before going on to score an impressive 41 goals for the club’s first team by the age of 21.

EC staff and fellow students alike have been impressed by Krkić’s warmth and humility as well as his skilled performance on the pitch.

EC Manchester opened in 2015, in the heart of the northern English city.

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