Maltese cyclist targeting 2,500km in four weeks in aid of Inspire

In August of last year, Galea-Lauri embarked on a 12-day, 1,600 kilometer cycle from Land’s End to John o’ Groats

Hilary Galea Lauri, 51
Hilary Galea Lauri, 51

Last year, 51 year-old cyclist and philanthropist Hilary Galea-Lauri raised more than  €14,000 for Inspire because he believes that life regenerates itself by giving back to it part of what one receives.

In August of last year, Galea-Lauri embarked on a 12-day, 1,600 kilometer cycle from Land’s End to John o’ Groats (LEJOG). The distance is the traversal of the whole length of Great Britain between two extremities; the south-west and north-east.

The money was used to sustain disability programmes and services for children, adults and their families. Inspire helps over 1,000 people with disabilities, including Down’s syndrome and autism. This is either done for free or at a highly subsidised rate.

Next year, Galea-Lauri, who is a partner at KPMG, plans an epic ride down the Western US seaboard from the Canadian to the Mexican Border. Starting in Seattle and averaging around 100 kilometers per day, Galea-Lauri will travel the length of the United States ( over 2,500 kilometers) in four weeks along some of the world’s most scenic coastline to the palm-lined beaches at the Mexican border.  

Once again, Galea-Lauri will be fundraising for Inspire. 

“Over the years I’ve seen what the Inspire Foundation does for people with disabilities; how it helps people reach their potential and how it empowers families and individuals struggling with disabilities, so doing this in order to help out felt like the natural thing to do,” Galea-Lauri said.

In preparation for his ambitious ride in the USA, this Saturday 13 August, Galea-Lauri will be cycling across Wales in one single day.  Covering a total of 300 kilometers, the ride will include some impressive hills, taking the cyclist through the picturesque town of Caernarfon to Chepstow, through Llanberis and Gospel Pass.

This ride is not the easiest on the calendar but aims to prepare Hilary for his 2017 cycling challenge across the length of the US (and along the Pacific Coast) in aid of the Inspire Foundation. 

Also in preparation for next year's US challenge, later on in September, Galea-Lauri will be using his annual vacation entitlement to cycle the length of Italy to Malta, this time covering no less than 1,500 kilometers in nine days. 

“It is thanks to people like Hilary, who use their personal passion to help a good cause, that organisations like Inspire can survive and thrive.  Without the help of individuals like him, it would be very difficult, if not impossible for Inspire to raise enough funds to keep reaching out to so many people that need its help,” Inspire CEO Antonello Gauci said.

Anyone wishing to support Galea-Lauri can get in touch with him or with Inspire on  [email protected]

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