[WATCH] Bodybuilding: Two prestigious results for Gilbert Cuschieri and the MFBBF

After the two successive overall victories of Luke Debono in recent weeks, more success arrived thanks to Gilbert Cuschieri.

Gilbert Cuschieri poses with his bronze medal in Liverpool
Gilbert Cuschieri poses with his bronze medal in Liverpool

Cuschieri managed to get two impressive results in Prague and recently in Liverpool.

At the EVLS Prague Showdown, Cuschieri mamaged to place fourth in a very competitive line-up of 14 bodybuilders.

In Liverpool last weekend, at the prestigious IFBB Diamond Cup competition, Cuschieri made it to the top three and won the bronze medal from a line-up of 10 competitors.

Gilbert Cuschieri was very happy with his results with the IFBB.

In the coming weeks, the MFBBF (Malta Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness)  athletes will be competing in Russia, Poland, Portugal, San Marino and the Dominican Republic.


Find out more about the MFBBF by visiting their official website - http://www.mfbbf.org/ or you can visit thier official Facebook Group

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