St Aloysius students create educational card game for children aged 5-7

EduCard is the collective brainchild of 10 St Aloysius College students, who are partaking in JAYE, an entrepreneurship education program

A newly launched card game for ages 5-7 brings to the table an unconventional way of educating young students.

EduCard is the collective brainchild of 10 St Aloysius College students taking part in JAYE, an entrepreneurship education programme.

Formulated on the government-issued syllabi for Maltese, English, mathematics and science, the game guarantees endless hours of fun, knowledge and excitement, all tailored to every child’s needs. 

Enhancing children’s educational success with vibrant colours and visuals, creates appeal and fosters positive attitudes towards learning. Studies show that colours stimulate young learners, maintain attention and encourage creativity. Children take in the world around them through their eyes, and bright colours are one of the first aspects of sight that help them distinguish form and categorize objects.

EduCard also widens the knowledge of native and official languages Maltese and English, reflecting Malta’s rich and unique culture and bilingualism. Maths and science education provides a framework for how to find answers and articulates concepts from the intuitive to the obscure – essential aspects to be woven into early education.

With 160 cards at one’s disposal, EduCard creates an atmosphere of subconscious learning where children approach learning in awe and anticipation rather than in unwillingness.

This interactive, hands-on experience will facilitate the child’s visual and tactile motor senses and alter the approach to education, making it a joyful and pleasant experience.

With the business set to liquidise by April, as part of the JAYE program, the founders have expressed an interest in continuing their joint entrepreneurial venture in the future. An investment in knowledge pays the best interest, therefore the all-girl business team reinforces the need for effective primary education and calls upon the government to infiltrate more engaging learning techniques within the system.

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