Destination casinos: Exploring the world's most luxurious resorts

Keeping players engaged, is crucial for casinos to ensure player satisfaction

Via Caesars Entertainment: Caesars Palace's casino
Via Caesars Entertainment: Caesars Palace's casino

Casino operators work around the clock to ensure their casinos attract players and keep them hooked to games for hours. They hire architects, interior designers and even psychologists to ensure the spaces are comfortable and welcoming for their players.

Some of these themes are present in casino online sites, which now feature intuitive designs and thrilling graphics. The goal is always to please the customer and ensure all their needs are covered. But some casinos go that extra mile by ensuring that their venues are not only good for casino games but also all other needs. Which are these casinos and what makes them so special?

Unveiling the hottest casinos

If you’ve watched any casino heist movie, you’ve noted that the targets are often high-end casinos. After all, they ooze class and money and the thieves always know that their targets are right on the money. Away from the movie scenes, some casinos have embodied this elegance, making them the best stops for players who want more than the usual dining and playing:

1.   The Venetian Macao, Macao

One look at this casino and you can already tell it screams money. Every little detail is so well thought-out that being in the casino almost feels like being in another realm. After all, it is the biggest casino on earth, with a 550,000-square-foot playing area. Its quasi-Venetian style captures players from the moment they drive into the casino. They feast their eyes on the sprawling lawns, beautiful gardens, exquisite pools and an incredible indoor area. It makes for a good choice for families as the other family members can enjoy the recreational facilities while the players enjoy the extensive gambling area.

The Venetian Macao: From its casino to its lobby, it truly has it all
The Venetian Macao: From its casino to its lobby, it truly has it all

And the games? You will be spoilt for choice. Imagine playing in a casino with over 3,000 slots and 750 table games! And if the hunger pangs come calling, you can count on the multiple restaurants to offer just the right cuisine to help you quell them.

2.   Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

Anyone who has played in Vegas knows about this incredible casino. It boasts 166,000 square feet of playing space. But that's not the most impressive thing about it. Its Roman baths, classical architecture, beautiful pools, ancient Rome structures and beautiful suites take the cake. It has garnered so much attention for its beauty that many other casinos have tried emulating its build to attract more players. And when it is not wowing its guests with its features, its restaurants, shops and spas are working their magic. Players almost always never want to leave!

3.   Sun City Casino Resort, South Africa

Via Sun International: A very attractive casino
Via Sun International: A very attractive casino

South Africa has many things to offer - mountains, the sea, wildlife, etc. But what truly captivates players is this casino which is smack in the middle of the bush, allowing players to enjoy a mix of remoteness and opulence. The beautiful setting boasts several hotels, beautiful pools, exemplary surroundings, an array of games and, wait for it - wildlife! That's right! After a round of poker or slots, you can go on safari in the private game reserve and enjoy one of the biggest South African attractions.

Playing in luxurious casinos

Besides ensuring you adhere to the dress code, not much changes when playing in luxurious settings. You can stick to the basics, including:

-       Have a cap on what you can spend: Exceeding your budget is easy when the environment cues you to spend more money, so you can prevent this by having a limit,

-       Don’t indulge in too much alcohol: The food and drink options in these casinos vary so much that it’s easy to get carried away. If you start feeling drunk, stop playing.

Also, enjoy the setting! So many people worked hard to achieve the beauty before you - take it in.