Maria Farrugia | Learning how to write a captivating first sentence

Maltese writer Maria Farrugia spoke to LAURA CALLEJA about what it was like to craft an award-winning book after taking home the Terramaxka Prize for best original works for children ages 0-7 for her book ‘Luċjan u Enzo: is-sriedak li kienu jgħiru għal xulxin’

Could you tell us about your trajectory as a writer/illustrator/translator?

This was a trajectory which I never really realised was happening. As a child, my favourite hobby was reading, and at school, teachers would often compliment me for my creative writing skills. Whilst taking a break from work to look after my children, I met up with a very good and talented friend and we started discussing how she would like to illustrate a picture book and how perhaps I could write the story for her. So later that day I wrote the first story of the set and emailed it to her. And that was how the ball started rolling…

What was the process of crafting your award-winning book like?

Basically, sitting on the sofa in a comfortable position with a pencil and a scrap book, jotting down ideas in a web diagram, and then using the correct words to make the narrative of the story as capturing as possible to young children.

However, a very important factor in this process which cannot go unmentioned, is the great teamwork with the illustrator and the publisher, which made this experience, which I unexpectedly embarked on, very gratifying.

How did it feel to win the National Book Prize in 2023?

I wasn’t expecting it since I am new to this sector/ industry, but it felt amazing to be recognized in front of other authors – authors who gave me such a happy childhood with the books they wrote and other authors who are giving me a happy motherhood thanks to the contemporary books they are writing and which I am now reading to my young children.

What are some of the particular challenges of writing/illustrating/translating for children and young adults?

Finding a common factor to attract children’s different interests and making sure to write a captivating first sentence and keep the story flowing throughout as not to lose their attention. But thankfully, having my children and their friends around surely gives me a lot of insight!

What’s next for you?

Following the first set of books of which Luċjan and Enzo were part of, we published another set of books, this time about a contemporary princess and her magical dog – Emma u Arturo. We hope they make it to the shortlist for the upcoming National Book Prize! In the meantime, whilst another project is in the pipeline, I plan to continue reading as much as my limited free time allows me to, not only beacause I Iove reading, but also to acquire more insight in this field and perhaps unlock some new ideas of my own too.

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