Influenza found in 10 out of every 100 patient doctor visits, public health chief says
Superintendent of Public Health Charmaine Gauci says influenza was found...
Taxi platform Bolt launches food delivery service
Business News
Bolt aims to reduce average food delivery time in Malta to below 30...
Vladyslava Kravchenko: ‘Time travel? 19th century, to experience an era without technology’
‘Adolescents’ mental health needs are not being met,’ expert warns
A national study has been launched into the prevalence of mental disorders in...
Man arrested after being found in possession of drugs
Court & Police
A 22-year-old from St Julian’s was arrested after being found in...
Smiles all around as school children attend Robert Abela's first Cabinet meeting
Prime Minister Robert Abela led his first Cabinet meeting on Thursday, which...
Maxine Aquilina: ‘I would go right back to the dinosaur days. Just to see them’
[PICTURES] Robert Abela swearing in
Prime Minister Robert Abela greeted supporters along his way to Castille