My essentials: Rambert Attard’s cultural picks

No 25 | Rambert Attard, 30, Actor/Singer  

1. Book

‘Troy: Our Greatest Story Retold’ by Stephen Fry – one of three books by Mr Fry that dwell on ancient history. I am immensley intrigued by mythology and legend. Having said this, the way Fry writes just keeps me wanting more and more. It’s also quite fascinating as within these books you get an idea of how historical figures might have been influenced by these stories (sometimes positively and sometimes not so much).

2. Film

I recently watched Uwijja, a local film by Keith Albert Tedesco. I recommend it not only because I feature  in it... but because the story is very relate-able to us Maltese and it features many local artists. John, a Maltese student with big dreams and a serious lack of sleep, has had a busy and exhausting last couple of days. It all takes a toll on him during one night whilst driving home from work. His going missing effects a series of coincidental events on a night of tragedy.

3. Internet/TV

Dwayne Johnson – call me a stereotypical male, but he is one of my idols. His work ethic is astounding, be it with regards to fitness or his work and entrepreneurship. To top all that he is a genuine good guy and family-centred.

4. Music

Any song by Queen or any opera or musical. Yes, quite the difference. But I love all three for various reasons. Opera for its classical elements and relaxing nature (at least to me); Musicals because they appeal to my performing side; and Queen because... well, does anyone need a reason to love Queen? It’s Queen – greatest band of all time.

5. Place

Japan. A friend of mine had moved to Japan for a year and was enthralled by the culture shock. I’ve been wanting to go there every since. Also, London is a place I will never get tired of visiting – some of my friends have moved there and it’s where the West End is.