80,000 people celebrated Notte Bianca in Valletta

More than 100 local artists used Valletta's Notte Bianca as a perfect platform to showcase their work.

Notte Bianca celebrations in Valletta.
Notte Bianca celebrations in Valletta.

Notte Bianca celebrations were in full swing last night as over 80,000 people braved weather forecasts to converge to Valletta to celebrate the capital's largest cultural event.

Last night's Notte Bianca - which is now in its ninth year - saw around 100 artists, a team of around 5,000 people involved and an audience of almost 80,000, making the one-night celebration of arts and culture Valletta's largest cultural event.

The event was attended by President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca, justice minister Owen Bonnici, and several other dignitaries.

This year's event brougha mix of old and new, with some firm favourites and innovative new projects. In Independence Square, people rung the bells at the nearby Carmelite Church and St Paul’s Anglican Cathedral.

The Valletta open-air theatre saw a concert feature Malta's old greats of Maltese music, while people visited several museums, the country's parliament, government offices, as well as churches.§

Several re-enactments were held, while people were also treated to live music, literature, food and fairs, visual arts, science, and other ancillary events. 

Note Bianca was organised by the Malta Council for Culture and the Arts and V-18.

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