Judges captivated by blood and horror as Tiffany Pisani continues to shine

Britain’s Next Top Model contestant Tiffany Pisani impressed judges yet again in yesterday’s episode of the British modelling programme, where she posed with an axe covered in blood for a horror photoshoot.

The contestants were each given a different horror theme for their photo this week, in which they paid homage to famous horror screenplays. Photographer Matthew Brindle and regular panel judge Charley Speed both praised 18-year old Tiffany Pisani for her performance on set, where she posed as a ‘victim seeking revenge on the baddy’.

When called before the panel of judges during elimination, Tiffany said “I thought it was going to be worse,” explaining that being in the bottom two in a previous episode has given her the will to work harder.

The Maltese contestant received praise from all the panel judges. The photographer said “I love this girl…she gave loads of variation,” and Charley Speed agreed, saying she was very diverse in all her shots. Fashion stylist Grace Woodward complemented Tiffany on looking “beautiful, even while holding an axe,” and Elle McPherson herself said “You really pulled this one off.”

When the models left the judges alone to deliberate the fate of one model’s departure from the competition, Elle complemented Tiffany on “Totally earning this shot.”

The local hopeful got called out third to continue in the competition, while 19-year old Nicola Wright got eliminated after being in the bottom two for two weeks running.

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