‘Madonna, I need you’

Despite his arrest, Madonna’s New York stalker vows to continue pursuing the pop star.

A New York fireman smitten with Madonna has been arrested for loitering outside the singer’s New York home while brandishing signs that professed his love for her.

Robert Linhart, 59, was arrested twice in the last four days. He was found with two pocket knives, a self-fashioned ice pick and an instrument allegedly used for graffiti. He was cuffed and charged with illegal possession of weaponry, and resisting arrest.

Linhart put up signs that said ‘Madonna, I need you’ and ‘Tell me yes or no. If It’s no, I will go. XXX’ on his car.

Even after he was arrested, he told the police that he “won’t stop” until he finally meets Madonna. “If I get arraigned tonight and get out tomorrow, I'm going to go back there and do it again.”