Vida’s July issue is out on Sunday with MaltaToday

Get your copy of the July issue of Vida, free this Sunday with MaltaToday. 

Vida’s July issue is out on Sunday with MaltaToday
Vida’s July issue is out on Sunday with MaltaToday

The hot summer days have seen an end to the school year, university studies and with a bit of luck things will slow down a little at work too so that we can all take some well-deserved time off, whether to spend with family and friends or to take off on an adventure overseas.

Summer time is a great time to get up and go. Whether your holiday destination is just over the water or a long haul trip, now’s the time to get going. This month Marc Casolani wanders around Turkey. Check out this great destination for thermal springs, ancient ruins and natural wonders.

Though the summer sunshine makes (almost) everyone feel better – cue editor-bashing from winter lovers – it comes with its own drawbacks. Longer days mean more parties but can you survive the party season without letting it take its toll on overall health. Charmaine Gauci gives us her tips.

It’s not just people that need a little more attention during the hot season. Vinny Vella gives some good advice for keeping a garden healthy during the summer months. As herbs grow well at this time of the year, it’s time to get that herb garden going! 

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