Lisa Snowdon hospitalised for viral meningitis

Model and DJ Lisa Snowdon was recently admitted to hospital after being diagnosed with viral meningitis.

The 38-year-old brunette, who features in the Marks & Spencer Christmas advertisements and former presenter of Britain’s Next Top Model, fell ill with flu-like symptoms last week and was rushed to hospital.

A friend of Snowdon said “On Thursday night she switched on the [Bond street Christmas] lights and she was clearly unwell and struggling to hold it together.”

“She had flu symptoms, major aches and pains and a migraine…She then had to go on to host a dinner. But after that she just fell apart and she went to the doctor and was immediately checked into hospital.”

Her friend continued “She is now on the mend, but she’s still in hospital. The doctors have warned her this takes a long while to recover from.”

Viral meningitis is the more common and less serious type of meningitis, as opposed to the deadly bacterial form.

Symptoms are often mistaken for flu and sufferers usually recover within a couple of weeks after plenty of rest and painkillers for the often accompanying headache as well as anti-nausea medication.

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